John Hospers: The Future of Liberty Video

In July of 2000, philosopher John Hospers gave a speech at the University of Western Ontario (London, Ontario) titled “The Future of Liberty”. This video of the speech is being made available on the Freedom Party International channel because Hospers speaks, from experience, about the philosophical and psychological barriers faced by anyone hoping to promote individual freedom in today’s society (or, at least, in society as it existed in 2000). It is a passionate, moving speech, worthy of several watchings.

NOTE: Hospers’ speech was given at an I.S.I.L. conference, and was largely directed at libertarians and the libertarian movement. Freedom Party is not a libertarian party – we advocate rational governance, by a government, not the “less government” or anarchy advocated by libertarians.

Hospers considers himself a libertarian. Author/philosopher Ayn Rand – whose philosophy informs Freedom Party’s policies – opposed libertarianism floating political concepts, and its anti-government/less-government nature. However, Hospers was, for a time, a friend of Objectivist philosopher and author Ayn Rand (whose philosophy informs Freedom Party’s policies) and her philosophy, and friendship, made a lasting impression upon Hospers and his writing. Hospers’ friendship with Rand reportedly ended not because of their philosophical differences, but because of his conduct toward her at an academic philosophy event.