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Hospers on Hospers

JOHN HOSPERS was an author, philosopher, educator and politician who in 1972 was the first to run for President of the United States on the Libertarian Party ticket. His book, Libertarianism: A Political Philosophy for Tomorrow (1971), quickly became the cornerstone of the Libertarian Party; written with concise clarity of language and statement of principles so as to appeal to a wide demographic, the classic work arguably reads more relevantly today than ever. Libertarianism: A Political Philosophy Whose Time Has Come, the original alternate title, again, rings the bell of liberty and freedom. Along with volumes more essays about politics and other topics – Hospers wrote books on esthetics, ethics, and was an intimate intellectual colleague of the revolutionary thinker, Ayn Rand.


When asked what he considered to be his philosophic legacy –-   and what he most wanted to be remembered for, Prof Hospers, Emeritus in Philosophy at the University of Southern California   and head of the USC School of Philosophy (1968-1988), replied:


“I am most known as a writer of philosophy, in such books as Introduction to Philosophical Analysis [1967] and Human Conduct [1961]. But I always wanted to be remembered as a great teacher. Universities, however, consider only a teacher’s scholarly works and not his/her teaching ability.


“I want to be remembered as a philosophical instructor who could clarify questions and present good ideas clearly, avoiding vagueness and confusion in the presentation of ideas. That is probably my main legacy as a teacher. And many of my students have come to remember me in just this way.”