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  • John_HospersTo carry on the intellectual legacy of John Hospers;
  • To continue the publication, in print media and otherwise, the various philosophical, educational and all-inclusive works of John Hospers;
  • To support and conduct non-partisan research, education, and informational activities consistent with both the written and spoken  words of John Hospers and those with similar or alternate philosophies.

Ayn Rand and John Hospers had a stormy intellectual love affair. He credited Rand as an inspiration and she reminded him that his was the most important profession in the world. Hospers and Rand shared a staunch support of capitalism, individual freedom, limited government and the free market.

It’s been said that “the past, present and future walked into a bar. It was tense.”

With that understood, minor changes to improve clarity and/or to contextualize outdated statistics have been edited in this new volume.

Libertarianism-2013-EditionThe ideas in the book are as true now as ever, and these minimal alterations do not affect or change the fundamental argument of the book. Freeing the reader from the need constantly to transfer information and references into the historical framework of the original text enhances the book’s readability. As a result, the intent, presentation and innovative wording of the classic work Libertarianism remain intact, as its author John Hospers wrote it.

There was no Libertarian Party when Professor John Hospers became chairman of the philosophy department at the University of Southern California. Little did he know that his book, Libertarianism (A Political Philosophy for Tomorrow) the first-of-its-kind volume, would become the cornerstone of the Libertarian Party, and he to be its first candidate for the presidency of the United States.

John Hospers vigilantly examined, the role of government, liberty and government, rights and government, economic liberty, welfare and liberty, profits and liberty, taxation and civilization, socialism and liberty, meaning of freedom, inalienable rights, the decay of culture and the ethics of international relations, etc…